Anita Hill Named Visiting Scholar For Spring Term

by Gretchen Kell

Anita Hill, the former University of Oklahoma law professor who has been outspoken on issues of gender and racial equality in the workplace, will spend spring semester here as a visiting scholar.

Hill was invited to the campus by the Institute for the Study of Social Change. She will research a new book, a comprehensive study of sexual harassment in the workplace. Doubleday has contracted to publish the manuscript.

In addition, Hill will continue her work on a collection of essays and speeches. She also plans to be a resource for graduate students, faculty and colleagues affiliated with the institute.

Hill is expected to arrive on campus by the first of February.

"What her testimony did five to six years ago was to remarkably increase public consciousness about workplace harassment over gender and race," said Troy Duster, professor of sociology and director of the institute. "What her presence here will do is crystallize discussions of where things are now with these issues."

Duster said a number of faculty and graduate students have expressed interest in exploring these issues in seminars conducted by Hill.

The seminars will include one on the First and 14th Amendments that will focus on the tension between freedom of expression and equal protection under the law.

A graduate of Yale Law School, Hill has taught and written since 1983 about civil rights and commercial law.

She is the recipient of special recognition as a lecturer and teacher. She was awarded the Ray and Marian Vestor Lectureship at Linfield College, the Carlsen Lecture at the University of Minnesota, the William O. Douglas Lectureship at Gonzaga Law School and the Dean's Lecture at Yale University Law School.

At the University of Oklahoma, Hill was recognized as an outstanding teacher and lecturer.

She received the Merrick Teaching Award, the Calvert Faculty Award and College of Law and the University's Associates Distinguished Lectureship.

Hill has recently published "Race, Gender and Power in America -- The Legacy of the Hill-Thomas Hearings" (Oxford University Press). The anthology was co-edited by Emma Coleman Jordan. Scheduled for publication this fall is a book, also to be published by Doubleday, about Hill's experience with the Clarence Thomas Senate Judiciary Confirmation Hearing.


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