Back in the Swim

In what for campus swimmers is probably the most awaited announcement of the year, the Hearst Pool reopened Monday, Jan. 27. The pool, built in 1927, had been closed since May 20 for major repairs.

Shown here, [for photo, please see print edition of The Berkeleyan] before the swimmers arrived, are architect Chris Noll (left) with Kathryn Scott, head of physical education in the Department of Human Biodynamics, and Garry Beer (next to Noll) and Tom Steiner (far right), both of Pacific Construction Corps. The project manager was Nevil Leimanis of Planning, Design and Construction.

To repair the pool deck required removing the beautiful greenish streaked white marble decking tiles that had come from a Vermont quarry. The quarry closed long ago, but a search at the company that bought the quarry's left over slabs turned up identical material. Cut into tiles, it now graces the pool deck, matching the original perfectly as well as the tiles in the pool bottom, which were not removed.

The pool water, by the way, is kept at a comfortable 82 degrees.


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