Vice President Gore's Visit Focuses on Student Issues

by Jes™s Mena

Vice President Al Gore has chosen Berkeley as the site for an informal conversation with university students as part of a one-day tour through the San Francisco Bay Area.

Gore is scheduled to visit the campus Wednesday, Feb. 19. His staff informed campus officials that Gore wanted to speak to a limited gathering of mainly undergraduate students. They emphasized his desire to speak to freshmen and sophomores and to students who are receiving financial aid.

"The intent is for the vice president to amplify the president's message that he wants to make it easier for students to go to college," said Julia Payne, Gore's assistant press secretary.

The Clinton administration has proposed a budget for the next fiscal cycle that would increase the federal aid available to college students and would overhaul the current student loan program.

Gore's discussion with the 200 invited students about issues including financial aid could serve as a high-profile focus group that helps gauge student sentiment on the proposals.

The informal session is set for the Krutch Auditorium at the Clark Kerr Campus.

The number of non-student guests invited to the session was limited at the request of Gore's staff.


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