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Recipients of the 1997-98 Humanities Research Fellowships awards were recently announced by the College of Letters and Science. The amounts vary from $4,500 to $51,000.

The program provides funds to supplement the sabbatical salary of faculty doing research in the humanities or working in the creative arts. Awards are made based on the scholarly merit of the applications.

Recipients of the fellowship, and the titles of their projects, are:

Anthony Paul Adamthwaite, "Marianne v. John Bull: Britain, France and the Making of European Unity, 1945-1968"

Charles Altieri, "Theorizing The Emotions"

Ann Banfield, "Remembrance And Tense Past: Time and Tense in the Modernist Narrative"

Thomas G. Barnes, "Reports of Cases in the Star Chamber, 1590-1641"

Katherine Bergeron, "Singing the Third Republic: Music and Poetry in France, 1870-1914"

Benjamin Brinner, "Musical Memory in Ensemble Traditions: Case Studies from Bali and Java"

Cindy A. Cox, "Composition Projects, 1997-98"

Jan De Vries, "The Industrious Revolution: The Family and the Economy Since 1650"

Gerald Donald Feldman, "The Political Economy of the Weimar Republic/Germany in the 20th Century"

Donald M. Friedman, "Representation of Perception in the 17th Century/Carew and the Crisis of Signification in Stuart England"

Jon A. Gjerde, "The Conversation Between Anti-Catholics and Roman Catholics in the U.S., 1830-1893"

Ralph J. Hexter, "Athetizing Achates: Ghosts, Erasures and Others in Vergil's 'Aeneid'"

Martin E. Jay, "The Discourse of Experience in 20th Century European Theory"

David Johnson, "The Great Temple Festivals of Shansi, China in Late Imperial Times"

Priya Joshi, "In Another Country: British Popular Fiction and the Development of the Novel in India"

Steven Justice, "Bureaucratic Culture in Late-Medieval England"

Gwen Kirkpatrick, "Outside the Vanguard in Latin American Poetry"

Geoffrey G. Koziol, "Allying the Saints: Monks, Marriage and Discourses of Power in Tenth-Century France"

Leslie V. Kurke, "The Figure of Coinage and the Forging of Self in Archaic Greece"

Xin Liu, "Modernization and its Discontent: Everyday Power and Practice in Post-Reform China"

Sharon Marcus, "Restless Houses: Domestic Architecture and Urban Culture in Paris and London, 1820-1880"

Waldo Martin, "A Change Is Gonna Come: Black Movement Culture and the Transformation of America, 1945-1975"

John Niles, "Anglo-Saxon Thinking"

Samuel Otter, "Representing Race"

Harsha Ram, "The Imperial Sublime: Russia's Literature of Empire"

Julio Ramos, "The Invention of a Citizen Body in 19th Century Cuba"

Mark Sandberg, "Advertising's Visual Culture and Knut Hamsun's Hunger"

Candace Slater, "The Nature of Amazonia (the Amazon as Metaphor for the Natural World)"

Katherine Snyder, "Bachelors, Narrative and the Novel"

David Stronach, "Preparation of a Final Report on UC Berkeley's Excavations at Ninevah"

Trinh Minh-Ha, "The Sun at Midnight"

Daniel Warren, "Kant on the Philosophical Foundations of Physics"

Kenneth Weisinger, "Male Literary Collaboration and the Construction of a National Voice in German Literature of the Late 18th and Early 19th Century"

Olly Wilson, "A Music Composition"

Reginald Zelnik, "Workers and Intellectuals; Workers and the Law: Russia and Germany, 1870-1914"

The announcement/application for the Humanities Research Fellowships is distributed at the beginning of each fall semester to selected departments whose faculty members are engaged in research in humanistic disciplines or working in the creative arts. Junior faculty members are strongly encouraged to apply for this fellowship.

For more information, contact Marilyn Barulich at the College of Letters and Science, Deans Office, 643-9891.


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