Retirement Center Seeks a New Director

The Retirement Center, which opened its doors in fall 1996 in Room 2 Boalt Hall, is intended to become a focal point for information, activities and outreach programs for all campus retirees.

The center is open to both faculty and staff retirees, including the many who took advantage of several early retirement programs implemented by the university during the 1990s.

Its Policy Board is currently recruiting a half-time director. The director, in consultation with the board, will be responsible for identifying health, financial and other issues and policies of concern to campus retirees and for proposing and implementing a variety of programs to address such issues and policies.

In carrying out these activities, the director will be expected to work with appropriate groups and individuals, on and off campus, to ensure effective communication and to make certain that the interests and concerns of retirees are heard.

The director will also be responsible for managing support services for the faculty and staff associations; for recruiting, training and supervising center staff and volunteers; for developing and monitoring the center's budget; and for oversight of day to day administration of the center.

To achieve these goals, the director must have imagination, enthusiasm and the capacity to inspire others.

The post will require hard work if the mission of the center is to be achieved; at the same time, the director will have the opportunity to shape an institution that should be of lasting significance not just to retirees, but to the campus as a whole.

The post is open to any qualified person, including retired faculty, who could be recalled to fill it. The application deadline is May 9.

For more information, phone Professor Sheldon Messinger, chair of the center's Policy Committee, at 642-4038.

A listing for this Senior Administrative Analyst position appears under the Professional/Administrative heading in the Jobs section below.


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