Berkeley Tops Sloan Research Awards for '97

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has selected six Berkeley faculty members to receive Sloan Research Fellowships. Berkeley matches MIT as the institution with the most 1997 Sloan fellows.

Sloan fellows are selected for their cutting-edge research in physics, chemisty, computer science, mathematics, neuroscience or economics.

Researchers are chosen based on their potential to advance knowledge in their field. Awards are granted in the early stages of their careers to encourage research by young scholars. Each fellow is awarded a grant of $35,000 for a two-year period.

Chemistry Assistant Professor Carolyn Bertozzi will use the fellowship to continue her work on the interface of organic chemistry and biology, and how carbohydrate molecules mediate disease processes such as inflammation and cancer.

New fellow and computer science Assistant Professor Eric A. Brewer's primary research interests include parallel systems, networks, network software, security and mobile computing.

Two Berkeley economists, Hilary Hoynes and Christina Shannon, received fellowships.

Hoynes is studying the effects of EITC on married couples, and the role of work in facilitating transitions off welfare. Shannon's work is currently focused on monotone comparative statics, general equilibrium theory and economies with an infinite number of commodities.

Awards also went to two faculty members in physics. Young-Kee Kim was selected for his work in experimental particle physics and is pursuing research that tests the limits of the standard model of particle physics.

David Weiss is currently focusing on research that uses laser-cooled atoms and atom optics to address basic problems of physics.



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