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Western Landscape Photos Showcased

The first museum exhibition of photographs by William Webb, who for many years was associated with two of Northern California's most important artistic circles, is on display at the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive through Sept. 21.

Webb was a close associate of Ansel Adams and Brett Weston, with whom he helped found the Friends of Photography in 1967. He also figured prominently as part of the Big Sur artistic community.

Organized by museum curator James Steward, the exhibition surveys the artist's achievement from 1953 to 1995 in black and white (his preferred form), especially his work with the western landscape.

The Theater Gallery component of the museum, where the exhibition is displayed, is open free of charge seven days of week from 10 a.m. until the last scheduled screening of the day at the Pacific Film Archive.

Web Surfing For Senior Citizens

There's a world of information, resources, and fun for older adults on the web. Lawrence Hall of Science offers a two-day workshop, Sept. 8 and 19, 9 a.m. to noon, specifically designed for seniors, featuring hands-on computer experience and individual assistance in a supportive environment co-facilitated by older adults. Advance reservations are required. Call 642-5134 for information and telephone enrollment.

After-School Science Classes: Register Soon

Enrich your child's experiences with Lawrence Hall of Science after-school classes for preschool through high school students. Classes meet once a week for eight weeks at 4 p.m., beginning Monday, Oct. 6.

New programs include two "sampler" classes for K-1 students: Scaring Up Science and Math, featuring slime and hair-raising fun with electricity, and Colorful Science and Math, featuring astronomy, animal camouflage, math games and color mixing. New computer classes include Net Navigator (grades 4-6) and Web Page Wonders (grades 5-8).

Registration begins Sept. 6. For a catalog or to register for classes, call 642-5134.

Report of Campus Attack Was False

A highly publicized report of a campus employee being attacked early on Aug. 18 turned out to be false.

After UCPD investigators questioned the woman later that afternoon, she recanted her story.

The woman said she had been grabbed from behind, but struggled with the unknown attacker and managed to break free before being harmed.

The early report drew immediate and widespread media attention because it came in the wake of a series of attacks on women in the Oakland and Hayward area, including two at Cal State Hayward, in recent weeks.

Because of those reports, campus police had posted notices about the attacks at hill trails above the campus and elsewhere advising people, especially women, to be extra cautious and to call the police to report any suspicious activity.

That advice continues to hold, said campus police. To report a suspicious person or other emergency, call 9-911 on campus phones or 911 from other phones.

Catalog Offered Online

An online version of the campus general catalog is available on the web at, and it is linked to the highlights section of the home page.

New Ethnic Studies Library Opens

The consolidation of Ethnic Studies' three libraries-the Asian- American Studies, Chicano Studies and Native American Studies Library-has resulted in the new Ethnic Studies Library.

The library serves the needs of the Ethnic Studies Department, students fulfilling the American Cultures requirements, and faculty and researchers on this campus and beyond.

After Aug. 25, hours will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesday, 1 to 4 p.m.

At the open house and reception held to welcome the new library to the campus, the audience was greeted by Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs Genaro Padilla; University librarian Peter Lyman; Ling-chi Wang, Chair-elect of the Ethnic Studies Department; and Dean Simmons of the Social Science Division of the College of Letters and Science.

For information on the new library, contact Lillian Castillo-Speed, 642-3947.

Campus Safety Guide

A night safety map. Campus crime statistics. Information on campus safety programs and on reporting campus crime.

These are just a few of the topics covered in the new edition of "Safety Counts," a comprehensive guide to safety and security on campus. Other topics include emergency/disaster preparedness and a listing of campus and state codes pertaining to student life.

The 47-page booklet, produced by the campus Police Department in accordance with the federal Student Right to Know Act, was mailed to all registered students, staff and faculty starting in July.

Inquiries about the booklet may be sent to Campus Safety Programs at 643-6442 or via email at



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