Chancellor's Message on Proposition 209

Proposition 209 went into effect Aug. 28 as a result of the federal appellate court decision to deny further review. I can assure you that in implementing this law, the Berkeley campus will remain fully committed to excellence through diversity in every academic and employment program.

With regard to academic programs, the campus will continue to explore every means available to ensure that our student body reflects the rich diversity of our state and nation. While some campus programs may be modified to comply with Proposition 209, the campus will make every effort to provide an educational environment that is welcoming and supportive of all students, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity or gender.

With regard to employment, I want to remind all members of the campus community that the university is still an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer in accordance with federal affirmative action regulations governing federal contractors. Proposition 209 does not prohibit any actions necessary to establish or maintain eligibility for federal funding. Therefore, the campus will continue all current employment affirmative action efforts to ensure equal opportunity in the workplace.

- Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl



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