How You Can Be Safe

Free Noon-Time Programs to Feature Safety Specialists

by Marie Felde

Three free noon-time programs offer an opportunity to learn how you can be safe, aware and ready to respond in the event of trouble. They are open to the entire campus community.

The sessions will be led by safety specialists with the campus police department. The first program will be held Thursday, Sept. 4, at the Tang Center's Section Club Room .

Sessions will run 35 to 40 minutes beginning at 12:10 p.m. There will be time for participants to confer with UCPD officers and ask questions about personal safety and campus programs.

The sessions will be held Thursday, Sept. 4 , at the Tang Center in the Section Club Room; Wednesday, Sept. 10, Life Sciences Addition, room 101; and Thursday, Sept. 11, in the East Madrone Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union.

Participants will learn about:

  • precautions everyone should take
  • what to do if you sense trouble
  • how to use the Night Safety Shuttle
  • how to use the walking nighttime escort service
  • what routes around campus are best to use at night

"Over many years, the campus has developed an extensive and comprehensive safety program for use by students, faculty and staff. "With the unfortunate series of attacks on women in the East Bay in recent weeks, we can all benefit by making use of these programs, taking sensible precautions and being more aware and more alert-for ourselves and for those around us," said Chief Victoria Harrison.

News reports over the weekend indicated police had arrested a suspect in one of the cases, but officials throughout the area urged continued vigilance and extra attention.

To speak with a UCPD safety specialist about the noon-time sessions, any of the campus programs or to ask other questions related to safety, call 643-6442. In an emergency, call 9-911 from a safe location on campus or 911 off campus.

Harrison noted that the depart-ment's safety officers are available to meet with campus departments or building groups. Call 643-6442 to request a session.

Safety Resources on Campus

Below are some of the safety classes and services available for nighttime safety offered by the campus. A complete list of programs and services is available on the Public afety and Transportation web site . This site also contains updated crime alerts and information.

Night Safety Shuttle

The shuttle makes regular stops at Moffitt Library, runs a perimeter route around campus with stops at residences halls and BART and provides door-to-door service on the north side of campus. Schedules are available at 1 Sproul Hall or on the website.

Night Escort Service

Uniformed, radio-equipped student employees of UCPD will walk you to nearby residences, public transportation or parking facilities in the evenings. To get an escort, call 642-WALK (9255).

Self-Defense Classes

CalFIT at the Recreation Sports Facility offers several classes in self-defense. These include two-hour workshops, a one-day workshop and the intensive Bay Area Model Mugging course.

Contact CalFIT at 643-5151; or email

These classes are also available to campus departments and interested groups by appointment; call 643-8032.



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