An Encyclopedia For Community Outreach

by Fernando Quintero

A comprehensive guide that provides information on the wide range of campus programs and resources available to the local community is now available, thanks to the Office of Community Relations.

Titled "Cal in the Community," the 118-page guide encourages community interest in and access to the Berkeley campus. The publication also serves to demonstrate the

university's ongoing public service commitment through its many community partnerships.

Each year, thousands of Berkeley students volunteer their time in the community in activities that range from mentoring students to providing legal counseling for low-income clients.

Faculty and campus departments organize hundreds of lectures, colloquia and workshops that bring cutting-edge knowledge out of classrooms and into the community. And many staff members volunteer their time and energy to programs and activities that benefit local organizations.

"As this guide shows, the university, through the many and varied efforts of its students, faculty and staff, makes significant contributions to the education, health and well-being of Bay Area residents and to the quality of life in communities surrounding the campus," said Chancellor Berdahl.

Eric Zaráte, a community relations staff representative who served as the guide's project manager, said the publication also provides a way for individuals associated with each of the 150 programs listed to find out how others at Berkeley are involved in the community.

Program and resource listings are arranged alphabetically within 18 categories including arts, athletics and recreation, charitable programs, education, the environment, libraries and museums.

The guide, prepared with assistance from the Institute of Urban and Regional Development and the Office of Public Affairs, was a major organizational undertaking. "Because the campus is so decentralized, it was hard to collect so much information from so many sources throughout the campus," said Zaráte.

A similar guide was published 10 years ago, but given the growing list of programs and resources offered by the campus for the local community, it has become outdated.

Zaráte said that in putting the new guide together, his office looked at similar publications published by other universities throughout the country. Now, other guides pale in comparison.

Complimentary copies will be distributed to schools, libraries, community groups and local leaders. The guide costs $5 and may be purchased at the Office of Community Relations, 131 University Hall. For information or to offer suggestions for future editions, call 643-5299.



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