A New Form Adds Events to Calendar Almost Instantly

by D. Lyn Hunter

Departments and student groups can now add their own events to the on-line and Berkeleyan calendars using a convenient form on the campus Calendar of Events web site.

Using the add form gives departments more control over how their listings appear, gets events posted quickly and reduces time spent to mail, fax or email event information to the campus calendar editor.

To use the form, access the calendar web site at http://www.berkeley. edu/calendar/ and click the "add an event" button located on the left side.

A few guidelines must be met to use the add form: The event must be sponsored by a campus-recognized department, unit, organization or registered student group; and it must take place on campus and adhere to calendar policies, which are available on the calendar web site.

Departments using the add form for the first time must register by emailing the department name, contact name, phone number, email address and a homepage address, if applicable, to calendar@pa.urel.berkeley.edu. Use the word "registration" in the email subject line. Information is confidential and departments need only register once.

After registering, departments can begin using the add form.

Instructions are included in the form. An error message appears if information is entered incorrectly or omitted.

Afterward, a review page allows users to check entries and make changes before submission.

Using the guidelines, the campus calendar editor checks departmental registration and makes sure pertinent information has been included.

If requirements have been met, the listing is posted within 24 hours. Departments can confirm successful submission by checking the on-line calendar for their listings.

Events on the add form will be posted in both Berkeleyan and on-line calendars unless otherwise indicated on the form. For Berkeleyan, listings must be submitted by Monday, 10 days before Wednesday publication. Summer and holiday deadlines differ.

The calendar editor is always seeking special events for the web calendar highlights page, Berkeleyan's "More About" section and a weekly events list for local media.

To be considered, sponsors may forward an event summary and a photo or graphic to the calendar editor.

For information, contact the campus calendar editor, 643-0705, email calendar@pa.urel.berkeley.edu.



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