Awards and Honors

Professor Susan Graham, a faculty member of electrical engineering and computer sciences, is one of 21 members of the Advisory Committee on High Performance Computing and Communications, Information Technology, and the Next Generation Internet.

The committee, formed earlier this year, will meet periodically over the next two years. It falls under the National Coordination Office for Computing, Information and Communications.

According to a White House statement, the committee "will provide valuable guidance to the administration's efforts to accelerate development and adoption of information technologies that will be vital for American prosperity in the 21st century."

"We're working on a 15-year policy, and in a rapidly changing field, that is not so easy," says Graham. "We can start by hypothesizing that this is where we could be in 15 years. Then the question is: 'If that's where you think you could go, what's the path you need to take to get there?'"

Committee members, who include both university and industry representatives, are "looking at how the government should invest in computing and communications research," Graham says.

Berkeley alumnus Bill Joy, co-founder and vice president for research at Sun Microsystems, is co-chair.

In addition to her federal appointment, Graham continues her duties as a faculty member and also serves as chief computer scientist for the UC San Diego-led National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure.

The National Science Foundation-funded supercomputer center involves 37 national universities, including researchers from Berkeley's College of Engineering.

Graham, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, specializes in programming language design and implementation. A faculty member since 1971, she earned her PhD at Stanford in computer science.

The Department of Housing and Dining Services on Nov. 10 honored 24 housing facilities employees, for a job well done, with its own version of the Oscars, the Oski awards.

Genaro Padilla, vice chancellor-undergraduate affairs, and Harry LeGrande, executive director of Housing and Dining Services, were on hand to award nominees with certificates, plaques and gifts in recognition of the high marks they earned from residential students in the 1996 quality of life survey. The extensive survey covers life in the residences and is administered every two years.

Award categories included helpfulness of office, mailroom and custodial staff; cleanliness of residence hall grounds, bathrooms and common areas; and response time and quality of safety and security repairs.

The Clark Kerr Campus received the highest rating in customer satisfaction. The Foothill management team accepted an award for the highest overall rating in housing facilities.

Oski award winners included Therline Brown, Myra Chan, Maria Crabbe, Jack Cvar, John Dancy, Bill Dobbs, Lou Giddings, Sal Henriquez, Kathleen Hyland, Ben James, Barbara Key, Mark Kinnard, John Moran, Amy Pih, Jerry Rubino, Kathy Santos, Elizabeth Simpson, Eugene Stokes, Rodney Thomas, Dean Williams, John Winters, Sam Wong, Sui-mi Wong and Al Wright.



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