Berkeley's Charitable Campaign
Extends Period of Giving

This year's Charitable Campaign has been extended until March 31.

Since its establishment in 1983, the campus's Charitable Campaign has given faculty and staff an opportunity to contribute via payroll deduction, check, money order or credit card to the United Way, the Berkeley Pledge or a charity of choice.

Funds from Berkeley's Charitable Campaign go to organizations and institutions that help the needy with food and shelter, work for a better environment, provide health care, youth activities, mental health and counseling services, services to the elderly, alcohol and drug rehab and legal aid.

In a letter to the campus community last November, Chancellor Berdahl wrote, "I am pleased to say that many of our students have volunteered to join in this campaign, making it truly a campuswide effort that will benefit vital and worthwhile community organizations."

As of Feb. 2, 1998, 494 participants had donated $191,129. Of that amount, $58, 097 was given to the Berkeley Pledge and $133,032 went to designated charities.

Although the number of campus contributors has declined from 481 in '96-'97 to 437 in '97-'98, their contributions have increased.

Co-chairs of this year's campaign are Horace Mitchell, vice chancellor of business and administrative services, and Linda Weimer, assistant vice chancellor of public affairs.

Those who want to contribute to the extended campaign but need a packet of information and forms should call 643-7641.

For information from United Way, call 609-2403.


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