Take a Vacation You'll Never Forget

With UREP Trips, 'Been There, Done That' Doesn't Apply

Weary of the same old vacation plans-Disneyland or Las Vegas or the Monterey Aquarium?

Want to add a little adventure to your life-maybe spend some time on a "mission" to increase knowledge, improve the environment or recover lost treasure? With the University Research Expeditions Program, such dreams can become reality.

UREP seeks staff, faculty and others to join one of several expedition teams each year. As a research team member, you work on a specific environmental or archaeological project with professional researchers and other volunteers.

This month, a team studied dolphins in Florida. In May and June, teams will study brown pelicans in Baja California.

In June and July, teams will study mushrooms in Ecuador, while others excavate and catalog artifacts from medieval churches on the Aran Islands of Ireland.

Whether you want to study elephants in Africa, ferns in Costa Rica, monkeys in Argentina, squid in France, mountains and glaciers in Peru, or stay in California and search for a way to preserve the marten in the Eastern Sierra, UREP has a research expedition for you.

In all UREP expeditions, volunteers work beside professionals and provide support for the research by paying the cost of their own meals and lodging, ground transportation and research equipment. These contributions qualify as tax-deductible charitable donations.

Costs vary, so contact UREP at 642-6586 for more information. Or check the web site: www.mip.berkeley.edu/urep.



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