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Cal Neighbors: A Word from Chacellor Berdahl

About Cal Neighbors

Developing a Strategic Facilities Master Plan for UC

Working to Build a Safer Campus and Community

UC/Vista Partnership Expands Educational Opportunities

Examining Earthquake Costs to Area

Campus Research at Work

Working Together to Encourage and Support Berkeley Youth

Activist Sylvia McLaughlin Cares for Berkeley

Haas Program Helps Local Entrepreneurs Get on Track

State Bond Measure to Benefit Local Schools

Free (or Almost Free) Things To Do on Campus

UC/City Plan Southside Renewal

Campus Improvements for Pedestrians, Bicyclists




From Chancellor Robert Berdahl

When my wife Peg and I arrived in Berkeley last year, we were impressed by the strong sense of community apparent in the people we met and in the neighborhoods we visited. While we anticipated an active campus of educators, researchers, and students, we were enormously pleased to also discover how much of their energy is directed toward enriching the local community.

Being a good neighbor and a contributing member of the community is one of the university's highest priorities. Our commitment can be seen in the many partnerships that focus the human resources and collective expertise of the campus on the needs of our city, region, and state.

Together, we have built a vibrant community. In the process we have discovered that through "town and gown" cooperation, we enhance the lives of all who live here &emdash; students and long-time residents alike.

This issue of Cal Neighbors highlights campus news and events we believe may be of interest to you. It also offers a glimpse at some of the ways that Cal is working to build a stronger community and some of the people who help make that happen.

I hope you will enjoy this inaugural issue of Cal Neighbors and join me in celebrating the spirit of "town and gown."


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