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Campus Improvements for Pedestrians, Bicyclists

Things are looking up for local pedestrians and bike riders, thanks to three new bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly campus projects.

Last fall, 20 new pedestrian lights were installed along campus pathways. Additionally, 13 new "Code Blue" pylons now provide emergency telephones along campus paths, at perimeter bus stops and at outlying parking lots.

A bicycle path now under construction will provide a dedicated north/south route through the west side of campus. A second path is planned to run north/south through the east side of campus. These paths will offer safe, well-lit and scenic routes through the campus.

Pedestrian improvements in the southwest corner of campus include better access to the Grinnell Natural Area pathway. The sidewalk along Cross Campus Road has been widened to create a convenient pedestrian route linking the downtown to campus sports facilities, including the new Haas Pavilion, scheduled for completion next summer.

These improvements are part of a joint campus/city effort to enhance pedestrian access between Shattuck Ave. and campus along Center St., which now features widened sidewalks, street trees, new light fixtures and kiosks displaying maps of the downtown area and campus. .


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