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UC Program Funds New High School Outreach Project

posted October 28, 1998

A new University of California program will award scholarships to 50 high school students throughout the state beginning fall 1999. Through the Partnership Opportunity Program, one student from each of the 50 participating schools will receive $5,000 annually for expenses at their school's partner UC campus.

Each of the nine UC campuses will develop partnership relationships with state high schools that are educationally disadvantaged because of limited college preparatory classes or low college attendance rates. Each high school will work with its partner UC campus to address academic deficiencies and better prepare their students for college.

The Regents plan to work with individual UC campuses to generate $250,000 for the 1999 scholarships. Each year an additional $250,000 must be raised to fund scholarships for 50 additional students. At full capacity, the program will provide $1 million a year in scholarships for 200 students.

The Partnership Opportunity Program is part of the university's long-range strategy to implement recommendations of the UC Outreach Task Force. Spending on outreach is expected to approximate $135 million in 1998-99.


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