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Stories for Jan. 13, 1999

1998's Hottest Science Story

UC AIDS Team Turns Up Major Clinical Findings

Staff Profile: Lirmar Willis Looks Back (and Ahead)

Computer Users are Helping Scientists Search for Extraterrestrial Signals from Space

After the Exodus: Berkeley, the Empty City

Photo: Playing Santa

After the Base Closes, It's Tough Out There

NIH Awards $1 Million For Biomed Chemistry Labs

Photo: Thespian Grove

Postage Rate Increase, Bulk Mail Blues

CALS Project Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Lectures Explore Evolving Theories of Evolution

Photo: A Quilt of Languages

Photo: Upset Victory

Berdahl Fields Union Concerns at Noontime Staff Chat

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Photo of the Week: Ancestral Clay

Photo: Architecture Professor Anthony Dubovsky and undergraduate Sam Glickman

Architecture Professor Anthony Dubovsky and undergraduate Sam Glickman examine Sam's final project for Environmental Design 11A, Introduction to Drawing. The clay figures depict an imaginary meeting between Sam and his grandfather Reuben, who passed away before Sam was born. The project, called Ancestral Realm, invited students to create in clay an imaginary meeting between themselves and someone important from their past. The students' clay renderings, along with written explanations and sketches were on display in the main lobby of Wurster Hall in early December. Peg Skorpinksi photo.

Top Story: 1998's Hottest Science Story

Independent research by two international teams of scientists - one involving Berkeley astronomers, the other involving physicists based at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - has been picked as the number one science story of the year by the editors of Science magazine.

The discovery by the two teams that the expansion of the universe is accelerating surprised everyone, and threw a wrench into current cosmological theories. The scientists came to this conclusion after measuring the speed at which distant supernovas are receding from us. (continues)


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