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Posted February 3, 1999

Nadine Lambert

Nadine Lambert, professor in the Graduate School of Education, is the first recipient of the Distinguished Contributions for Applications of Psychology to Education and Training Award, presented by the Board of Education Affairs and the Education Directorate.

The award recognizes a psychologist for evidence-based applications of psychology to education and training.

Barbara Romanowicz

Barbara Romanowicz, professor of geophysics and director of the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, has been named recipient of the Alfred Wegener Medal for 1999.

The medal is awarded for "outstanding scientific achievements in the earth sciences and, in particular, successful efforts at bringing together various fields of the earth sciences to solve geodynamic problems."

Alice Agogino

Alice Agogino, professor of mechanical engineering and associate dean for special programs in the College of Engineering, has been named to the Roscoe and Elizabeth Hughes Chair in Mechanical Engineering. Her research interests include intelligent learning systems, information retrieval and data mining and artificial intelligence.


February 3 - 9, 1999 (Volume 27, Number 21)
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