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Photo: Trouble in Paradise

Posted February 3, 1999

Photo: Art

The exhibition opening Feb. 10 at Berkeley Art Museum, "When Time Began to Rant and Rage: Figurative Painting from 20th Century Ireland," explores the intersection of Irish art, nationalism and political identity.

Its 75 paintings from private and public collections -- the largest exhibit of Irish painting ever held in North America -- include this work by artist Dermot Seymour on the military presence in the countryside, "The Queen's Own Scottish Broderers observe the King of Jews appearing behind Sean McGuigan's sheep, on the fourth Sunday after Epiphany."

The public programs accompanying the exhibit include the symposium "Irish Art, Politics and Identity," on Saturday, March 6. Sandra Leibbrand and MĚcheal O Brolachain photo.


February 3 - 9, 1999 (Volume 27, Number 21)
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