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Calling All Baby Boomers
Midlife Workshop at Alumni House Feb. 25

Posted February 17, 1999

Midlife expert John Maynard and professional storyteller Susan Frontczak will visit campus Thursday, Feb. 25, with their popular, high-spirited workshop tailored to Baby Boomers, "Midlife Transitions: How the Stream Crossed the Desert."

The free, public program will take place from 12:10 to 1:40 p.m. at Alumni House. No reservations are required.

Combining music, slides and storytelling with current research-based information, Maynard and Frontczak explore the difference between those who decline and those who thrive in midlife.

Maynard, 54, a consultant to employee assistance programs, says that "midlife crisis" can manifest itself in a number of ways -- including waning passion and energy for work, stagnating relationships, nagging health issues, or disappointing body images.

"These are the negative aspects," he notes. "The positive side is that midlife is a time of wisdom, insight and, in today's world, relative youth. You're old enough to be aware of what you need to do, and young enough to do it." There's "amazing satisfaction to be gained in midlife," Maynard says.

The workshop helps participants take note of where they are in their lives, how they are doing, and where they want to go.

"We are continually gratified by what a dose of information and inspiration can do," Maynard says. "Following one of our talks, we'll hear back from someone describing a change they made in their lives that made all the difference. They'll say, 'if only I had understood this before.'"

The workshop is sponsored by University Health Services' CARE Services program, the California Alumni Association and the Re-entry Students Program.

Call 643-7754 for information.


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