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Robert Middlekauff to Deliver March 3 Faculty Research Lecture

Posted February 17, 1999

Photo: Robert Middlekauff

Robert Middlekauff

In the first of two 1999 Faculty Research Lectures, Robert Middlekauff, the Preston Hotchkis Professor of American History, will speak Wednesday, March 3 on "Democracy in America Before Tocqueville." The talk begins at 5 p.m. in 2050 Valley Life Sciences.

Middlekauff's research has addressed classical education in 18th-century New England, 17th-century Puritanism in New England, the American Revolution and Benjamin Franklin. He has begun work on Mark Twain, early American democracy and 20th-century narrative historians of America.

Middlekauff received his PhD from Yale in 1961 and joined Berkeley's faculty in 1962. In 1983 he received the Berkeley Citation. He has served as chair of the history department (three times), dean of social sciences and provost and dean of the College of Letters and Science.

"The Mathers" (1972), his study of a Puritan family, won the Bancroft Prize. "The Glorious Cause" (1983), his book on the American Revolution, received the Commonwealth Club's Gold Medal in non-fiction and the Fraunces Tavern Museum Book Award.

The second faculty research lecture of the year will be Wednesday, March 31, when Randy Schekman, professor of molecular and cell biology, speaks on "Budding Yeast and the Brain."


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