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Underground Utilities Upgrade Gets Underway

By Julia Sommer, Public Affairs
Posted March 3, 1999

Have you noticed a new encampment of construction trailers and fencing just south of the Valley Life Sciences building? Thought construction in that area of campus was finally over?

It is, and it isn't. This new temporary settlement is headquarters for an extensive construction project to repair and improve a part of campus few of us ever see -- the aging underground infrastructure of communication, steam, water and sewer systems. Scheduled to be completed in the year 2001, the work will include:

  • a fire and drinking water distribution project (including 20 new fire hydrants) to assure an adequate, reliable water supply to central campus -- critical for fire protection and disaster response;
  • installation of a fiber optic cable "backbone" for voice, data and video communication to increase speed and capability, reliability and expansion capacity;
  • replacement of steam pipes and repair of steam vaults and tunnels, which should eliminate steam leaks and associated steam "clouds"; and
  • replacement of much of the campus's aging, undersized sewer system, particularly in the west-central section of campus.

Funding for this $10 million construction project comes from bond financing, state and campus funds.

Dennis Town of Planning, Design and Construction is managing the overall project, with Greg Horne directing water and sewer projects and Wayne Jin handling steam projects. The general engineering contractor is Swinerton Industrial, Inc.

For information, phone 642-1308 or see


March 3 - 9, 1999 (Volume 27, Number 25)
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