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Photo: They're Varsity Now

Posted March 3, 1999

Photo: Varsity women's lacrosse

Varsity women's lacrosse midfielder Alana Dunnigan, a sophomore, does some fancy stick work during the team's Feb. 20 game against Stanford. Cal won the match 10-9.

Cal's women's lacrosse team will be on the road Saturday, playing UC Davis. Then, starting March 11, the squad faces a series of tough-to-beat East Coast schools in four home games in eight days.

Although it has been a campus club sport for more than a decade, women's lacrosse just became a Cal varsity NCAA sport this year, making it Berkeley's 27th varsity sport and the 14th for campus women.

All home games are played in Memorial Stadium and spectators are welcome. For information on the team and a schedule of games, see Dan Kraus photo.


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