Some staff to see paycheck increase
Bonus program monies returned to employees

By Jeff Holeman, Public Affairs

10 Jan 2001 | Non-represented staff who are not members of senior management will see a 0.8 percent increase in their base salaries in their Feb. 1 paychecks.

A retroactive paycheck to make the increase effective through Oct. 1, 2000 will be issued on Feb. 23.

The adjustment is being made as part of a continued UC-wide effort to raise staff salaries in the state’s competitive job market.

"The university recognizes the importance of staff and is exploring ways to raise pay levels to a more equitable rate," said Sandy Haire, assistant vice chancellor for human resources.

In 1994, 0.8 percent was taken from the merit pool to fund the first year of the merit bonus program. In subsequent years, the program was funded separately from the merit program by a payroll assessment. That program has provided annual funding for departments to pay non-base building cash awards to deserving staff.

"Given current market conditions and ongoing compensation concerns, UC has decided that these funds will have more value to employees if they are used to increase base salaries," said Haire.

Plans for the future of incentive programs at Berkeley are under discussion. Campus officials are looking for other ways to reward staff as well, while concentrating monetary efforts toward increasing base salaries.

Employees who were on the payroll Jan. 1 are eligible, but the following employment categories are exempt: "by agreement," contract, per diem appointment, academic titles and academic student titles.

Distribution of merit bonus program funds for employees represented by unions is subject to the collective bargaining process.


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