2000-2001 New Faculty

Welcome to the Berkeleyan's annual look at the campus's newest faculty. The 2000-2001 edition presents 66 new faculty members in alphabetical order. Included are brief summaries of their education and academic expertise, along with photos of most professors. This annual guide serves as a valuable resource for campus departments and is a great way to introduce the faculty and their research to the campus.

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Welcome letter from the Chancellor



Chancellor Robert Berdahl

It is my great pleasure and honor to welcome our newest faculty members to the Berkeley campus. This year, an exceptional group of scholars and teachers have joined us, and we are tremendously fortunate to have them.

I talk often about the exciting changes that are occurring on our campus now, and why this is the moment to renew our foundations of excellence. Nowhere can we find a better example of why this renewal is important than in our continuing need to bring preeminent faculty to the Berkeley campus. Whether measured by awards, research, scientific breakthroughs or service to society, our faculty are leaders in their fields and in the classroom. That is why we continually seek to recruit both the most promising young scholars and senior faculty of international acclaim. Once again, this year we have been successful in achieving our goal.

I have met and spent some time with many of these new faculty members. I am impressed not only by their accomplishments, but also by their commitment to the mission of this university. They are already valuable citizens in our campus community.

As Berkeley enters the new century, many challenges lie in front of us. I am confident that our faculty will help us meet all of these with energy and intelligence. I am confident as well, that with their assistance, we will continue to provide the absolutely best education possible to California's top students.

Please join me in welcoming these remarkable men and women to our campus.

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