Campus offers admission to 8,707 high school seniors

By Janet Gilmore, Public Affairs


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04 April 2001 | More than 8,700 of the state’s top high school seniors are receiving good news in the mail this week, as the newest admitted freshmen to Berkeley.

The number of students admitted increased from 8,343 last year to 8,707 this year, including an increase in admission offers to high school seniors from every ethnic group.

The offers to attend Berkeley are the culmination of an intensive, three-month review of student applications. This in-depth, individualized review considers many varied indicators of academic and personal achievement, said Chancellor Berdahl.

“I congratulate the students and their parents for working so hard to reach this milestone,” Berdahl said. “We look forward to having an exceptional group of new students joining the Berkeley learning community this fall.”

The 1,013 Chicano and Latino students admitted this year comprise a larger portion of the class than last year. They represent 11.9 percent of admitted students, up from 10.8 percent last year. Other data show that:

• The number of African-American high school students offered admission increased from 301 last year to 313 this year. African Americans represent 3.7 percent of students admitted.

• The number of Asian-American students offered admission increased from 3,225 last year to 3,336 this year. Asian Americans represent 39.1 percent of students admitted.

• White high school students offered admission increased from 2,767 last year to 2,872 this year. Whites represent 33.7 percent of students admitted.

• American Indian students offered admission increased from 43 last year to 56 this year, representing 0.7 percent of students admitted.

• Women make up 56.4 percent of the admitted class, numbering 4,909 students. Men represent 43 percent of the admitted class, numbering 3,740 students. (For 58 applicants, no data on gender was available.)

The campus received an unprecedented number of applications — 36,000 — for the fall 2001 freshman class. Approximately 24 percent of applicants were offered admission, with the aim of enrolling 3,880 students.

Applicants are evaluated based on both academic achievements and a variety of other personal accomplishments, in the context of the opportunities and challenges faced. Each application is read cover to cover by at least two professional evaluators.

Students were mailed admission letters on March 29. They have until May 1 to sign letters indicating their intent to enroll.


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