See the fun side of science at Cal Day

By D. Lyn Hunter, Public Affairs

11 April 2001 | Berkeley is world renowned for the high-level research of its students and faculty. On Cal Day, visitors young and old can participate in some of the same scientific activities that have made the university famous.

Numerous lectures, workshops and demonstrations — all science related — will be offered throughout the day and across campus.

• At the Archeological Research Facility, participants can uncover artifacts in a mock excavation, learn about ancient coins and make one of their own, or try to solve a 9,000-year-old mystery by guessing how artifacts from an ancient city were used.

• Creepy, crawly creatures are the main attraction at the Essig Museum of Entomology, which houses the country’s largest collection of anthropods, many of which will be on display during Cal Day. Visitors can also find out about butterflies, go on a bug hunt, race cockroaches or watch live insect-eating animals consume their favorite meal.

• No, it’s not science fiction. Discoveries in tissue engineering, telerobotic surgery and driverless cars are all in a day’s work at the College of Engineering. At Cal Day, faculty and students will talk about these and other cutting-edge projects at various lectures and demonstrations.

• Space may be the final frontier, but Berkeley researchers are working furiously to unlock its mysteries. They will share their discoveries and attempts to learn more, with discussions on such topics as the feasibility of traveling to Mars, contacting extraterrestrials, searching for black holes and understanding the solar system.

• Back on Earth, there’s a whole lot of shaking going on, thanks to one of Mother Nature’s most dramatic phenomena — earthquakes. Learn how scientists are trying to construct quake-resistant buildings and predict earthquakes. Visitors can get a sense of how the “Big One” might feel at a miniature earthquake simulator or acquire tips on earthquake safety and preparedness.

Visit for the times and locations of these and all other Cal Day activities. Printed programs will


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