CHEX program puts money in departmentsí pockets

By Heather Randol, Office of Environment, Health and Safety

11 April 2001 | Faculty and staff can help protect the environment and reduce hazardous waste generated on campus by participating in the CHemical EXchange, or CHEX, program run by the Office of Environment, Health and Safety.

CHEX is an Internet-based program that facilitates the reuse of chemicals among departments. Unwanted chemicals on campus are screened by EH&S staff to determine whether they can be reused. Descriptions of chemicals that can be reused (usually unopened, unused chemicals) are listed at Departments should review this list before purchasing new chemicals, because CHEX chemicals are available free of charge. EH&S staff will deliver CHEX chemicals to offices upon request.

By using CHEX, departments also help other units, which receive credit for disposal costs they would otherwise have incurred.

Instructions for requesting CHEX chemicals are available on the CHEX Web site. Staff also may obtain these instructions and a list of available chemicals by calling 643-1126.


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