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mario savio

Free Speech Movement leader Mario Savio speaks to reporters from the steps of Sproul Hall, Dec. 2, 1964.
Photo courtesy of Bancroft Library

18 April 2001 |

Hear Mario Savio’s car-top speech, read Daily Cal reports of the demonstrations or look at photos of police confronting protesters — all available from the Bancroft Library’s Free Speech Movement Digital Archive and Oral History Project. The online resource — located at — features:

• searchable texts of documents and oral histories
• a media center with video and sound recordings
• links to collections at other institutions
• a timeline of the movement

About 70 oral histories are scheduled to be added to the archive next year.

The project was funded by Stephen Silberstein, a Berkeley alumnus who graduated just months before the Free Speech Movement began. His gift also helped establish the Free Speech Movement Café in Moffitt Library.

Many Free Speech Movement veterans, including Michael Rossman, Susan Druding and Lynne Hollander, widow of the movement’s spokesman, Mario Savio, assisted the Bancroft in assembling the archive.


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