Campus names new athletic director
Men’s crew coach Steve Gladstone to succeed Kasser

By D. Lyn Hunter, Public Affairs



Stephen Gladstone listened as his appointment was announced by Chancellor Berdahl at a campus news conference.
D. Lyn Hunter photo

02 May 2001 | Chancellor Berdahl on Monday named Cal crew coach Stephen Gladstone as Berkeley’s new athletic director, saying he has the leadership capacity, proven championship spirit and commitment to excellence needed for the job.

Gladstone, 59, assumes the position June 1. He replaces John Kasser, who left in December after seven years to work for Fox Sports Network.

“Steve will create an environment that allows our athletes to perform at the highest level, both academically and in sports,” Berdahl said at a press conference announcing Gladstone’s appointment. “He is, at his core, an educator.”

A campus committee — of which Gladstone was a member — was formed several months ago to conduct a nationwide search for a new athletic director.

During the course of interviews, Berdahl said, Gladstone impressed many search committee members with his compelling vision of achievement for student athletes and the athletic department.

“A question rose among committee members, wondering why Gladstone wasn’t a candidate for the job,” Berdahl explained. Glastone, Berdahl said, showed an understanding of the role of athletic director that tipped the selection in his favor.

“This is a powerful moment for me personally,” said Gladstone. “I am pleased, honored and excited.”

His goal is to develop an atmosphere “where students can express their competitive instincts in a most profound way.”

Gladstone’s philosophy — which has led his rowing teams at Cal and at Brown University to eight national championships — is for athletes to give their all consistently to excel as students and athletes.

When applied over days, weeks and months, this approach, will result in victories, he said.

“Winning is very satisfying,” said Gladstone. “That being said, if winning is the only thing we laud, then we really end up losers.”

While serving as athletic director, Gladstone will continue to coach the men’s varsity rowing team, which won the national intercollegiate championship title the last two years.

“It will take time to see how these two functions dovetail,” Gladstone said. “My first duty is to create a stronger athletic department.”

When asked about the fact that Gladstone has worked primarily as a coach, rather than an administrator, Berdahl said that “leadership is a moral undertaking,” and he affirmed his belief that Gladstone will create confidence among his athletes, coaches and staff.

At Brown, Gladstone served interim athletic director and executive vice president and senior development director of the Brown University Sports Foundation from 1994-95.

His first order of business in his new post will be to analyze the structure of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports.

Gladstone said he welcomes the opportunity “to have an impact and effect change — not structural change, but a change in attitude.”

The chancellor praised the work of Associate Athletic Director Bob Driscoll, who has served as interim athletic director since Kasser’s departure.

“He’s done a wonderful job,” said Berdahl. “Bob has contributed so much, and I hope that he continues to do so.”

In his new position, Gladstone will oversee 27 Division I teams, 25 sport clubs and the Recreational Sports Facility.

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