02 May 2001 |

Sheldon Rothblatt
Professor Emeritus of History Sheldon Rothblatt has been elected a Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the body that awards the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, and economics. Founded in 1739, the academy promotes international scientific cooperation and research in mathematics and the natural sciences.

A former chair of the history department and past associate and divisional dean of the College of Letters and Science, Rothblatt has held several visiting appointments in Sweden, including a visiting professorship in the Department of the History of Science and Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 1997-99. An authority on modern European history and the history of higher education, his current research includes a collaborative project on the relations of Swedish industry and universities.

David Stoddart
Professor Emeritus of Geography David Stoddart has been awarded the George Davidson Medal of the American Geographical Society “for exceptional achievement in research and exploration in the Pacific.” He is only the seventh recipient of the medal, established 55 years ago to honor Davidson, who founded Berkeley’s Department of Geography, the oldest in the English-speaking world.

A native of England, Stoddart was educated at Cambridge University and taught there for a quarter century before coming to Berkeley in 1988. He served here as chair of the geography department from 1988 to 1994.

Stoddart is an internationally acclaimed scholar in coastal geomorphology and ecology, especially coral reefs, and has led international expeditions in the Indian and Pacific oceans and the Caribbean. He has published ten books and more than 300 scholarly articles and has garnered numerous prestigious honors in his field.

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