06 June 2001 |

Bruce Ames
Bruce Ames, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, has been named the first recipient of the $50,000 Linus Pauling Institute Prize for Health Research.

The award was made May 18 in Portland, Ore., at the national symposium “Diet and Optimum Health,” sponsored by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. This inaugural award is designed to recognize excellence in the field of nutrition research, especially the study of micronutrients, vitamins and phytochemicals in promoting optimum health and preventing disease.

Ames is credited with key work in understanding the fundamental nature of the aging process and how certain micronutrients may become limited with age. Ames has contributed a series of publications supporting the view that reactive oxygen-mediated damage to proteins and DNA is implicated in aging and a number of age-related diseases. His research has fundamentally changed the way that scientists think about cancer and carcinogenesis.

Excellence in Management Awards
The Berkeley Staff Assembly presented its Excellence in Management Awards to 35 recipients last month, recognizing their ability to maintain a flexible organization that anticipates future needs, such as the conversion of business systems from paper to electronic; recruiting and retaining quality staff; and accommodating increasing student enrollment. Award recipients include:

Roxanne Andersen, Undergraduate Affairs; Robin Baker, Labor Occupational Health Program; Penny Bertrang, Library Systems Office; Emily Brown, Mail Services; Stephen Cervantes, University Relations; Connie Chiba, Disabled Students’ Program; Brooke Conner, University Relations; Jennifer Dowling, Neuroscience Institute; Kay Fairwell, Lawrence Hall of Science; Joyce Freedman, Sponsored Projects Office; Urszula Frydman, Communication and Network Services; Elizabeth Garrity, Military Affairs; Patricia Gates, Sponsored Projects Office; Cheryl Grydyk, Campus Supply; Kelly Haberer, Administrative Systems Department; Christine Hansel, Early Childhood Education Program; Kay Ingle, Mail Services; Valerie Koch, College of Chemistry; Robert Larson, University Relations; Clark Lemaux, International House; Christie McCarthy, Department of Architecture; Susan Neal, School of Public Health; Bal Nepomuceno, Physical Plant — Campus Services; Joel Nice, Electronics Research Laboratory; Nikki Ogunnupe, Chemical Engineering; Stephen Owen, Institute of Transportation Studies; Jane Scheiber, College of Chemistry; Alix Schwartz, Letters and Science; Mary Roberta Smith, Lawrence Hall of Science; Willis St. Hill, Residential and Student Services; Norman Tom, College of Chemistry; Renate Valencia, Electronics Research Laboratory; Natalia Vonnegut, Department of Geography; Judith Walker, Moffitt Library; Katalin Voros, Electronics Research Laboratory.


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