Eight-point strategy on salaries, careers

16 August 2001 |

1. Increase the budget for staff salaries in the aggregate to market levels over a three-year period.
2. Improve the quality and delivery of data to make compensation decisions.
3. Eliminate and replace the existing job classification system with a re-designed system in which a substantially smaller number of job titles are organized into broad job families.
4. Base annual pay increases on performance, without the use of cost-of-living adjustments, and discontinue bonus programs.
5. Delegate management authority for compensation and salary budgets to the lowest level consistent with departmental organization and where there is a critical mass of employees.
6. Develop a master plan to improve Office of Human Resources communications to all constituencies.
7. Expand current employee training and development programs to include both mandatory and optional training for staff and supervisors.
8. Appoint an advisory group to provide ongoing guidance to the process of change in Human Resources and to ensure broad campus participation.


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