Campus reorganizes undergraduate education

22 August 2001 | A new organizational blueprint to clearly define the roles of two offices charged with focusing and refining the undergraduate experience — Undergraduate Education and Undergraduate Affairs — has been implemented this fall.

Under the direction of Vice Provost Christina Maslach, Undergraduate Education has been charged with increasing the campus’s emphasis on quality undergraduate education. Maslach is guiding that effort to bring the varied resources of the campus to bear in a more focused and coordinated way toward that goal.

Genaro Padilla, vice chancellor for undergraduate affairs, has been charged with leading the admissions and enrollment/student life support domain. Accordingly, he will take the lead on issues relating to student life, educational outreach, admissions, relations with schools, enrollment management, registrar and student records. His office will also oversee the job of administering financial aid, housing and residential life, childcare programs, services for first-year residential students, and career services.

As vice provost for undergraduate education, Maslach will oversee programs and innovations to improve student retention and academic support. She will take the lead on issues related to academic success and retention, educational development, innovative modes of teaching and learning, and academic support and enrichment.

Undergraduate Education will work to strengthen the relationship between educational development services and academic programs on the Berkeley campus.

Accordingly, the assistant vice chancellor of Student Life—Educational Development will have a change of title to assistant vice provost, reporting directly to the vice provost for Undergraduate Education. All of the administrative staff in the Office of Student Life—Educational Development will be included in this change of reporting.

Several units will be moved administratively under the Office for Undergraduate Education and report to the assistant vice provost. They are:

• Academic Achievement Programs
• Athletic Study Center
• Centers for Transfer, Re-entry and Student Parents
• Disabled Students’ Program
• Multicultural Student Development
• Student Life Advising Services
• Student Learning Center

These units will join several others that have been moved to the vice provost’s leadership: Educational Technology Services (from an earlier merger of the Office of Media Services and the Instructional Technology Program), the Center for Faculty Leadership in Educational Access and Diversity, the Professional Development Program and the Office of Educational Development.

The Career Center and the Office of Student Life will remain in Undergraduate Affairs and report to Vice Chancellor Padilla.


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