29 August 2001 |

Bruce Ames
Professor of biochemistry and molecular biology Bruce Ames has been named for the 2001 Abbot-ASM Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society for Microbiology. He received the prize — a silver medal and $20,000 — at the society’s general meeting in Orland, Fla. in May. Ames is credited with key work in understanding the fundamental nature of the aging process and how certain micronutrients may become limited with age.

Van Carey
Professor of Mechanical Engineering Van Carey received the State University of New York at Buffalo’s Clifford C. Furnas Memorial Award, presented annually to a distinguished alumnus. Carey was named for his career “as an outstanding scholar and researcher who has generated a prodigious number of papers, books, and patents.” He received his award in April in Buffalo, New York.

Nancy Chodorow
The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard Univesity has awarded a 2001-02 fellowship to Nancy Chodorow, professor of sociology and clinical professor of psychology. During her fellowship year, Chodorow will consider several paradoxes in psychoanalytic practice concerning the analyst, the patient and the relationship between the two. She is also interested in additional challenges faced by the socially or politically aware analyst.

A faculty member of the San Francisco Psychoanalytical Institute and a psychoanalyst in private practice, Chodorow is the author of a number of books, including “The Reproduction of Mothering” (UC Press, 1978), which in the mid 1990s was named one of the 10 most important books of the past quarter century by Contemporary Sociology.

Chodorow is one of 43 fellows selected this year as Radcliffe Institute fellows, from a pool of 569 applications from 38 countries.

Gordon Rausser
Gordon Rausser, the Robert Gordon Sproul Distinguished Professor, has been named the 2001 recipient of the American Agricultural Economics Association Quality of Research Discovery Award, for his research in the field of bioprospecting and the conservation of genetic resources.
Thousands of publications are eligible for this award, but only one publication is selected each year. This is the fourth time that Rausser has been honored with this annual award.

In its citation, the group recognizes the authors for having undertaken “innovative and penetrating research that demonstrates novelty, significance and originality in developing or applying theory and/or methodological approaches to economics.”


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