Open Enrollment 2002
Midnight, Nov. 30 is deadline for benefits changes

31 October 2001 | Open Enrollment is here, a 30-day period that is your only chance to change parts of your UC benefits plan.

Employees can transfer to a different medical or dental plan; add eligible family members to current plans; enroll in or opt out of UC-sponsored medical, dental, and vision plans; or enroll in, change or cancel participation in Dependent Care Assistance (DepCare) or the Tax Savings on Insurance Premiums (TIP) programs.

Some frequently asked questions concerning employee benefits appear below with their answers.

How do I find out what’s changed for 2002?
You will soon receive an Open Enrollment packet that includes highlights of changes and premium costs for 2002 and a personalized statement showing your current coverage. If you haven’t received a packet by Nov. 12, see your department benefits counselor.

What are the change highlights? Will I have to pay more in 2002?
Probably, but not much more. Costs in the health care industry are skyrocketing, and UC has had to make some difficult choices to keep costs down and to contain monthly premiums. In 2002, co-payments for office visits for UC Care and most California HMOs have increased from $5 to $10 or from $10 to $20; co-payments for prescriptions and emergency room visits have risen as well, and most plans added a co-payment of $250 for each hospital admission.

The good news is that UC is extending indefinitely its 2001 pilot program that allows you to transfer from one California HMO to another any time during the year. This program has helped address concerns about medical plan provider and network disruptions.

How do I make changes or get more information?
Go to the HR/Benefits Web site, select the Open Enrollment option under “What’s New” and then the link to UCbencom. This site has descriptions of plan changes for 2002, comparisons of benefits, provider information, prescription drug formularies, and instructions and worksheets for making changes.

If you are eligible for full or mid-level benefits, fill out a worksheet, then call the Open Enrollment action line at 1-800-639-3779. You must call by midnight, Nov. 30.

All changes will be effective Jan. 1, 2002.

Is there anything else I should do during Open Enrollment?
This is a good time to take a look at all of your benefits. Do you have the disability and life insurance you need? Is your beneficiary information up to date? Are you participating in the tax-deferred 403(b) plan? Are your investments — both 403(b) and Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) — meeting your financial goals?

For information, see your department benefits counselor, who can guide you to the resources you need. You may also contact the HR Benefits Office at 642-7053 or


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