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31 October 2001 |

A story on page 1 of the Oct. 25 Berkeleyan incorrectly stated that the university faces cuts of $8 billion to $10 billion for its 2002-03 state budget. That number, in fact, was a projected figure, as of mid-October, for cuts to the overall state budget. We apologize for the error.

Last Friday, in response to our report and others in the media, Chancellor Berdahl issued a message, via e-mail, to members of the campus community. In it he addressed uncertainties regarding the impact of the state’s budget situation on the campus. We include it here:

Chancellor’s message to campus
As you may know from recent reports in the media, the projected shortfall in the state budget is currently estimated to be $12 billion to $14 billion. This week, the Governor announced a hiring freeze on new state employees. In his Executiver Order (No. D-48-01, Oct.23), he specifically states our role: “The University of California and the California State University system are requested to comply with the provisions of this Executive Order. Participation, however, should be limited to a level that will not interfere with meeting their educational mission.”

The headline (“UC projects $8-10 billion in cuts to budget”) and story in the October 25th issue of the Berkeleyan are obviously inaccurate.

During any time of budgetary uncertainty rumors spread faster than facts. We know we will be facing a budget reduction this year, but we do not yet have any reliable information about the nature and extent of possible budget cuts for either the University of California or, more specifically, for the Berkeley campus. As soon as I have accurate information about the budget reductions, I will communicate directly with you and provide you with reliable information.

Robert M. Berdahl


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