Campus experts shed light on Sept. 11-related issues

14 November 2001 | Dozens of experts knowledgeable about a wide range of issues related to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11 have come to the public eye, in the media and elsewhere, as the world tried to make sense of the incident. Among them have been scholars in such areas as national security, the structural engineering of the World Trade Center, airport security, international affairs, bioterrorism and the psychological fallout of trauma. A partial listing of these campus experts reflects the breadth and depth of the campusís contribution to worldwide discourse on the subject.

Public policy, national security
Michael Nacht

Rescue efforts
Katharine Hammond
Len Duhl
Art Reingold

Terrorists and the Internet
David Wagner

Rebuilding Manhattan
Fred Collignon

Building design and construction
Hassan Astaneh
Gregory Fenves
Forensic science
George Sensabaugh
Eric Stover

Human rights, international ethics
Amy Gurowitz
Jerry Sanders

Prejudice and discrimination
Jack Glaser

Susan Schweik

Airport security,airline industry
Severin Borenstein
Geoffrey Gosling
Mark Hansen

Psychological trauma
Len Duhl
Dacher Keltner
Ann Kring

Sociological aspects
Michael Burawoy
Neil Fligstein

Media coverage
Orville Schell

Impact on economy, gas prices
Alan Auerbach
Severin Borenstein
Richard Gilbert
David Levine
Richard Lyons

History of American diplomacy
Diane Shaver Clemens

Legal issues
Stephen Barnett
Patty Blum
Richard Buxbaum
David Caron
Jesse Choper
Robert Post


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