Campus police trade on humor

By D. Lyn Hunter, Public Affairs


trading card

Steve Christ playfully gawks at fresh donuts.

17 April 2002 | Forget dark sunglasses and stern expressions. UC Police officers have a sense of humor — and trading cards to prove it.

In lieu of conventional business cards, the department’s new cards feature 45 officers in stereotype-defying poses. There’s Officer Frank Jacques with his head in the jaws of a hungry T. rex.; Kenny Lu casting a fishing line in Sproul Plaza’s Ludwig’s Fountain; Officer Steve Christ gawking at a tray of freshly baked donuts.

“The cards give officers a creative way to share information about themselves,” says Captain Bill Cooper. “It’s a way to put a more human face on the department.”

On the reverse side, each card provides a snapshot in words, describing the officer’s career history, current assignment, hobbies, contact information or approach to life.

“Face it, deal with it, learn from it, move on!” advises Officer John Theil, while Sergeant Alex Yao offers a “follow-your-dreams” quotation from Henry David Thoreau.

“I thought it would be nice to have cards that showed off each officer’s personality,” said Officer Devin Kochis, who photographed, designed and coordinated the project. “My goal was to let others know we’re actually a fun group of people.”

The officers’ ability to laugh at themselves helps break down the walls between the police and the public, he added.

“People are very intrigued when they see these funny photos and read the info on the back,” said Kochis, who spent a year pulling the project together. “The cards help spark conversations.”

With some of the cards, he took liberties, electronically altering them for added impact.

Officer Rob Syto honors Berkeley’s hippie history with a brightly colored, tie-dyed effect. Officer Theil’s card features the department’s bomb-squad vehicle in front of a flaming explosion.

In addition to the 45 officer cards, two team and three departmental cards were also created. A special prize, courtesy of Officer Kochis — free coffee and donuts and a police car ride-along — awaits those who collect all 50.


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