Offering encouragement to student writers

08 May 2002 |

A revised and updated version of the popular booklet, “Encouraging Student Writing: A Guide for Instructors,” is now available online and in print.

Originally published in 1988 by the Office of Educational Development, this simple, direct guide offers tips and resources that can be used to help student writers in all disciplines improve their writing.

The booklet has been used extensively — not only at Berkeley but at other colleges and universities across the country — by faculty and graduate student instructors who assign writing in their courses.

Topics include the following:

• Ways to use writing in any course.

• Writing assignments that can help students think more clearly about course material.

• Suggestions on designing effective writing assignments.

• Common problem areas in student papers.

• Explaining and preventing plagiarism.

• Writing resources available on campus.

The booklet also contains 12 “tip sheets on writing,” designed to be photocopied and distributed to students.

“Encouraging Student Writing” is available at the Office of the Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, 403 Sproul Hall, 642-6392, or, or click below for a PDF version.


PDF file: "Encouraging Student Writing"


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