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05 June 2002 |

Deadline approaches for staff UCRP service-credit allocation program
The one-time UCRP Service Credit Allocation program for certain staff employees who have periods of temporary service prior to January 1, 2001 is ending soon. Eligible periods must be six months or more in duration in positions coded as “casual,” and can include employment in the University’s Temporary Assistance Program (TAP).

Last year under this program, some UCRP members received an automatic allocation of one or two years of UCRP service credit, recognizing past time worked in temporary positions. The automatic allocations were based on the best available records; it was not possible to identify automatically everyone eligible.

Anyone who wishes to request an allocation under this program, or to appeal an allocation already provided, must act quickly. To determine eligibility, see the UCRP Service Credit Allocation Program on the UC bencom web site ( Be sure to review the program for staff, rather than for academic appointees.

Allocation requests/appeals must be mailed to UC Office of the President and postmarked no later than July 31, 2002. However, requests for copies of supporting documentation should be received by the OHR Benefits Unit no later than June 14.

To request documentation, contact Art Leon at, by phone at 643-7549, or by fax at 643-6856. The turn-around time for documentation is two to three weeks depending on the number of requests in the pipeline at any given time.

For background on the program, see the UCOP web site above or the spring 2002 and summer 2001 issues of HR Links, at

Berdahl, Atkinson issue state budget updates
On May 23, Chancellor Robert Berdahl issued an update to campus administrators regarding the state budget situation. The revised budget proposal that Governor Davis issued in May, he noted, spares the University of California from across-the-board cuts, but does include sizable reductions in state support for research and outreach programs. A timeline for the remaining stages of the budget process, and how UC plans to participate, are included.

The chancellor’s statement may be found online at A statement and timeline from UC President Richard Atkinson is available at

Youth for hire through summer mentoring program
Berkeley YouthWorks encourages campus departments and managers to consider hiring qualified young people between the ages of 16 and 21 to work on campus this summer. Youth are currently being recruited for a variety of office support, retail, library, custodial and childcare aide jobs.

Berkeley YouthWorks provides summer job opportunities and mentoring for local youth, prescreening qualified applicants to meet supervisors’ needs. Youth work 20 to 40 hours per week for six to eight weeks between June 24 and Aug. 31. The hiring supervisor sets the wage. However, the YouthWorks program recommends an hourly pay range of $8 to $9.50. An additional $1.08 per hour is charged to cover Berkeley YouthWorks administrative costs.

For information, contact the Office of Community Relations at or by fax at 643-8526.

UC Extension conference addresses change in higher education, June 23-28
Organizational change has largely been built on the tradition of uprooting an organization’s problems in an effort to find solutions. What if that approach were turned on its head, and that same effort were devoted to examining what organizations do best?

On June 23-28, UC Berkeley Extension will hold a five-day Academic Leadership Institute on a new approach to organizational change called “appreciative inquiry.”

Deans, chairs, directors and higher education consultants from across North America will participate, drawing on the culture and history of their own institutions as they are lead through the process of discovery, envisioning and creating a customized action plan.

The institute will be held June 23-28, at the Radisson Hotel, Berkeley Marina. For information, see To register, call 643-2456.

Navigating the campus business environment
For campus administrative personnel vexed by such questions as “can I sign this contract,” “where can I get advice on insurance and claims,” or “who is responsible for privacy of records,” a new, user-friendly resource may help.

Designed for campus administrative officials at all levels, “Navigating UC Berkeley’s Business Environment: A Guide to Administrative Responsibilities” answers scores of common campus questions regarding areas of responsibility, assistance available from administrative support departments, and accountability and responsibility for central and departmental administrative officials.

A searchable web version is available at The online version will be updated regularly to reflect changes in policies and procedures.

Print versions of “Navigating UC Berkeley’s Business Environment” are being distributed to a wide range of campus administrators. To receive a guide or to request additional copies, e-mail or call 643-4171.

The new handbook for administrative personnel serves as a companion to the web-based “Faculty Guide to Campus Life” introduced this spring.

July 11: Info session on upcoming staff internships
The Staff Internship Program invites all campus career employees to attend an information session about the program and upcoming internship opportunities.

Russell Kaltschmidt, program manager, and several mentors will offer details on new internships. The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Thursday, July 11, at Tang Center, 2222 Bancroft Way, Section Club and Class of ’42 Rooms.

For information on the program, see

A May 9 story on the Beowulf Marathon quoted text from the manuscript. The passage was translated by Burton Raffel. The poem is known from an 11th century manuscript that fell into oblivion for centuries, resurfaced, and was badly damaged by fire in 1731. Fortunately, before its brittle edges had crumbled, two complete transcripts were made.


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