How to get things done on campus:
Activating your CalNet ID

04 September 2002 | The CalNet ID is an employee’s or student’s online identity, used to access many Berkeley online services, such as directory services (the campus “white pages”), payroll information, and AirBears, the campus wireless LAN service.

Faculty and staff can activate their CalNet IDs by following a few simple steps. Obtain a temporary “token” (a numerical code) from a designated departmental CalNet deputy, if your department has one, or from the Cal Photo ID station in lower Sproul Plaza. (Not all departments have CalNet deputies; in that case, ask your departmental administrative assistant for information about tokens.)

Next, go to and click on “Activate CalNet ID” to set up (using your temporary token) your CalNet ID and an associatedpassphrase.

CalNet IDs are the same as staff and faculty employee ID numbers. Employees may change their CalNet ID to a self-selected value once only by clicking on “Change CalNet ID” and creating a new, self-selected CalNet ID.

Users will sometimes see references to “Kerberos” IDs and passphrases when using various online services. That’s because the CalNet service is based on Kerberos technology. Read “CalNet” for “Kerberos” and you’ll be on the right track.


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