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Disposing of used batteries

11 September 2002 |

Because used batteries — including alkaline, button, and rechargeable varieties — contain toxic heavy metals, they should not be disposed of in trash cans or dumpsters.

To protect the environment and comply with state law, the Office of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) provides free, labeled containers for departments to accumulate and store all types of small batteries. When the container is full, department safety coordinators may either call EH&S for pickup or submit a request online. (The request form, called a material packing list, is online at
EH&S takes the batteries to its campus hazardous materials facility, sorts and weighs them by battery chemistry, and sends them out for recycling or disposal. EH&S then recharges departments for the service. The current recharge cost for alkaline batteries, the most common type, is 86 cents per pound; the charge is higher for other varieties.

If your department does not have a battery container, ask your department safety coordinator to call EH&S at 643-7195 and request one. That’s the same number to call for general information about the battery recycling program.


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