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02 October 2002 |

Faculty and staff who regularly use alternative transportation means to get to work ó bicycles, walking, car or van pooling, buses, or BART ó and who do not hold a daily campus parking permit, can receive parking and mass-transit discounts by joining the campusís New Directions program.

Participants can purchase permits that enable them to park on campus 48 days per year for only $4 a day, on those occasions when they need to drive to work. They can also take advantage of a $10-per-month transit subsidy for the purchase of AC Transit or BART tickets.

New Directions members can purchase transit tickets for BART and AC Transit through a pre-tax payroll deduction, realizing a savings of 12 to 46 percent, depending on their tax bracket.

Members will also receive a free annual pass for the campusís Perimeter and Hill shuttle buses and can get up to six emergency rides home per year.

Applications for New Directions membership are available at the Berkeley TRiP office, which has two locations: downtown at 2033 Center St., and on campus at 2543 Channing Way. Visit or call 643-7665 for details on these and other commuter options.


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