Regents’ Lecturers to enrich campus life in 2002-03 residencies

02 October 2002 | The Regents’ Lectureship, a prestigious honor in the UC system, provides an opportunity for each campus to invite distinguished individuals from outside the realm of academia — hailing from the arts, letters, science, government, and business — to meet with faculty and students during a residency on campus and to share their perspectives in a public lecture.

The list of past Regents’ Lecturers at Berkeley includes a Who’s Who of distinguished speakers — dance innovator Joe Goode; Leo Esaki, winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in physics; musicians Yo-Yo Ma and Wynton Marsalis; and South African human rights activist Albie Sachs, to name just a few.

The roster for the coming year is no exception to the prestigious line-ups from years past. Over fall and spring semesters, the program will bring to campus the luminaries listed below (with their sponsoring departments). Look for details on their residencies and public lectures in future issues of the Berkeleyan.

Alexi Arbatov
Deputy Chair, Defense Committee of the Russian Duma
Goldman School of Public Policy

Mervyn Field
Founder, Field Research Corp.
Department of Political Science

Jay T. Harris
Chairman and Publisher,
San Jose Mercury News, 1994-2001
Graduate School of Journalism

Magnus Lindberg
Finnish composer
Department of Music

James A. Moorer
Digital-media expert
Center for New Music and
Audio Technologies (CNMAT)

Steven A. Schroeder
President and CEO,
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
School of Public Health

Floyd Salas
Department of English

A.B. Yehoshua
Israeli novelist
Department of Comparative Literature


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