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23 October 2002 | Cal Rentals, the campus housing service, offers rental listings and counseling to staff, faculty, visiting scholars, and other university affiliates; it also counsels newcomers who need information about surrounding communities. Berkeley faculty who want to rent or lease their own properties on a short-term basis to visiting scholars from other institutions may also make use of Cal Rentals’ specialty services.

The basic service is an online e-mail subscription, which provides subscribers with rental listings on a daily basis and access to instant on-demand updates via the web. The service, which costs $35 for one month of listings, covers most rentals within a five-mile radius of the campus, says Becky White, assistant director of Cal Rentals and Faculty Housing Services. Listings for each client may be customized, using such criteria as geographic location, number of bedrooms, price range, and the like.

Subscriptions may be renewed for an additional month at $15, though White says that is rarely necessary.

Cal Rentals also assists academics who are coming to teach or attend short-term programs, often by connecting them with faculty here who have properties to rent or lease. Those who will be new to the area are advised to inquire early about housing options by sending an email to

Newly hired faculty also have special services available to them, including confidential home purchases and mortgage counseling. Relocation information is provided at no charge, providing customers with a “one-stop shopping” experience that deans, chairs, and management service officers appreciate when prospective faculty visit the campus.

For online information, visit, or contact Cal Rentals Faculty/Staff services at or 642-0706.


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