Three ways to get emergency information fast

29 January 2003 |

Emergency Information Line: 1-800-705-9998
This is an out-of-area number that will provide recorded messages. You can call the number from any standard, cell, or pay phone, free of toll charges. Information about the emergency is recorded as an outgoing message and is updated frequently as the situation evolves.

Emergency website:
The emergency website is reachable anytime, from anywhere. As with the 800 information line, local power or network failures will not affect this service. In addition, identical emergency information will appear on the campus homepage,, when the campus network is operating.

Radio broadcasts: KALX (90.7 FM)
The campus radio station has long been a reliable means of disseminating official emergency information during critical incidents and disasters. KCBS (740 AM), KGO (810 AM), and KNBR (680 AM) also carry Bay Area emergency information.


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