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Musing each other

23 April 2003


Above left, professor emeritus of music Olly Wilson; and right, professor of art practice Mary Lovelace O'Neal.
Top: Racism Is Like Rain, Either It Is Raining or It Is Gathering Somewhere, 1993, mixed mediums on canvas, 84" X 138", by Mary Lovelace O’Neal.

Call and Response, a “concert and conversation” at Hertz Hall at 8 p.m., Monday, April 28, is being described as “music inspired by painting, painting inspired by music.” In this unique creative collaboration between two distinguished artists, composer Olly Wilson has written new music in response to paintings by artist Mary Lovelace O'Neal, who in turn has responded to the music with a new painting. The Berkeley premiere of the work, featuring both music and paintings, will be preceded by a conversation with the artists, both of whom are faculty members, discussing the inspirational intersection of music and visual art. Admission is free.