UC Berkeley News


Sustainability Summit honors campusís environmental innovators

28 April 2004


Kay Ingle (accepting an award from Chancellor Berdahl in photo at right), the campusís mail-services manager, was honored at the first annual Chancellorís Sustainability Summit on Earth Day (April 22) for having devised a website that allows departments to list the names of employees no longer working at Berkeley, thus reducing the amount of standard mail delivered to departments. Each listed ex-employee saves the campus 100 pounds of solid waste (not to mention $18 and the equivalent of a tree). The service is accessible at www.mailservices.berkeley.edu.

Other recipients of the Campus Sustainability Award, developed by the Chancellorís Advisory Committee on Sustainability, included the ASUC, for its numerous accomplishments and ambitious future goals; Delicia Nahman and Hillary Lehr, who developed and ran a student-led course on sustainability as part of the five-campus Education for Sustainable Living Project; Nadesan Permaul, director of transportation, during whose tenure traffic and parking demand have both been reduced; Re-USE Campus Materials Exchange, a ďused stuff emporiumĒ that by enabling campus entities to donate unwanted but usable materials has diverted more than 30 tons of refuse from the campus waste stream; and Ryan Buckley, of Campus Recycling and Refuse Services, whom organizers praised asďan inspiring and unequaled leader in campus environmental efforts throughout his undergraduate career.Ē